AW/2017 Fabric Design Collection

AW/2017 Fabric Design Collection

Shabbir and Shoaib Textiles LLC, Launch new Autumn / Winter 2017 Fabric Design Collection under the trademark fabric of Salonika and Rooma.

So what's new this season? Padding, protective lines and cosy knits came together on the catwalks, perhaps as a shelter from the doom and gloom of a world in crisis. But if trends are truly heading for more and more comfort, fashion is retaining its sense of fun, its color and glamour, always with an sense of determination and self-assuredness. In short, this season it's all about celebrating the individuality of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn by your bed.

Designs Pattern:


Thematic Designs:



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  • Beautiful patterns. Would like to see cotton jersey knit fabrics and padding.

    Miss Smith on

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